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Welcome to THE WEBSITE OF Shepherds Cot Trust

We hope you enjoy your visit. Please contact us via the contact links if the information provided on the site does not answer any questions you may have.

Situated between leafy Highgate and cosmopolitan Crouch End, six miles from the City of London and seven or so from the Palace of Westminster, the Shepherds Cot Trust is an extraordinary green oasis near the centre of one of Europe’s great capitals.

Run by eight volunteer Trustees drawn from our three member Shepherds Cot Clubs (Hanley LTC, Highgate CLTC and North London CC), the Trustees hold the freehold to the land described on the plan that can be printed from this site. We are affiliated to Fields In Trust and landlord to Georgians Tennis Club.

Cricket has been played on the Shepherds Cot land for over 150 years; tennis for a little less. While these sports and the Shepherds Cot Clubs are our priority, we welcome all visitors – players from other clubs, dog walkers, neighbours, Highgate Wood students or just passersby. We ask that you respect the Trustees’ and the Clubs’ values and rights and that dog walkers comply with our Dog Policy (set out below) when you are on our land.

We hope to see you soon.

Dog Policy

Dogs and dog walkers are welcome on our land (and the adjacent CREOS Woodland Walks and Haringey owned meadows) but owners should ensure that dogs do not go on cricket playing fields and tennis courts. Individual Clubs on Shepherds Cot Trust land reserve the right to uphold this rule in their own way. Dogs should be on leads when on paths, in car parks or on roadways.

Dogs may be off lead when on the Haringey owned meadows and the CREOS wooded areas. Please refer to our map which shows the boundaries between Shepherds Cot Trust land, Haringey owned land and the CREOS Woodland Walks.

Drone and Helicopter Policy

For reasons of community harmony and public health and safety the landing of helicopters and the flying of drones is not permitted on the Shepherds Cot Trust site.

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