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History & Heritage

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Projects & Activities

The Trustees continuously undertake a number of activities and address ongoing issues – and they are always looking for assistance. Here are just a few areas they have addressed or are currently working on.


The trust has recently developed a set of easily understood Sustainability Guiding Principles for use as both:

(i) an aid to day to day decision making by Trustees, and

(ii) a means of maintaining clear communications with the beneficiary clubs and other stakeholders, as a co-created common reference point.

They can be viewed here https://shepherdscottrust.org/projects-activities/sustainability/

These Sustainability Guiding Principles build upon a previously commissioned comprehensive environmental report “SCT Environment and Water Strategy Report, 2017”. This provides detailed analysis of key environmental sustainability issues and should be used as an ongoing source of reference.  These Guiding Principles should also be read in conjunction with “The Development Group Strategic Plan – 2015”.

Road Repairs

The road was recently repaired and improved at the Park Road entrance. Speed signs at 5 MPH will soon be put up. With more people and particularly children using Shepherds Cot, it’s important to keep vehicle speeds to a minimum.


Shepherds Cot is regularly maintained by part time staff to ensure that the site is safe, tidy and an enjoyable environment for people to enjoy.


While being a sports ground, the Cot is also a place of beauty and tree works are often part of the annual maintenance programme. This year there have been a number of trees which have required attention.

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