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Shepherds Cot Trust – Space to Play

Summer 2022

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Catherine West MP, our local MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, as our first ever Patron. Catherine has been associated with the fields for some years and is a marvellous role model for us.

It’s good to report that the Cot is flourishing with tennis and cricket free of the constraints we all endured during lockdown and afterwards.

All the clubs report that memberships are high and enjoying a successful season despite the many financial pressures that surround us. Our space is a haven of health as people play their sport and keep fit or enjoy a refreshing walk, along with their dog perhaps.

The Trust has been making modest improvements to the site and maintaining its natural beauty despite the hazards of anti social behaviour from time to time. Some improved planting, fencing, safety netting and curbing are recent additions. However, we want to make further improvements in the future, but this will depend on funding which is always a challenge.

As ever, Trustees have been busy in many activities – ensuring the site is clean and tidy, trees maintained, roads fit for purpose and managing security with CCTV and having close links with our local police to keep the Cot safe.

The Trust thanks all in the community who help contribute to maintaining the safety and beauty of this unique area. Long may we work well together to ensure the survival and special nature of this sporting oasis.

John Newton

Chairman, Shepherds Cot Trust

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