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The Trustees

Andy Jennings

Andy has lived in North London since the 1980’s and has been involved with North London Cricket Club, originally as a parent and currently as Treasurer, since 2005.

Andrew Newton (Treasurer)

Andy has been a member of Highgate Cricket and Tennis Club for 35 years. He feels the Shepherds Cot Trust is a special place to play cricket and tennis and to enjoy the surroundings which need to be maintained and developed.  Andy has been a Trustee since 2010 and looks after the finances of the Trust.

Ian Heptonstall

Ian has lived in North London since 1986 and currently captains the North London Cricket Club 4XI. His passion for cricket seriously outweighs his talent. He enthusiastically tries to increase the numbers of people, young and old, who play cricket and are introduced to this fine sport. For a day job Ian is a founding Director of Action Sustainability and lends these skills to ensuring that we maintain the great space we have at Shepherds Cot for future generations to enjoy.

Ian Lepper

Ian has played tennis on Shepherds Cot for 35 years and been Chair of Hanley TC twice.  A trained engineer he co- founded the anti-apartheid World Gold Commission, going on to become Director of Twin Trading before taking Cafe Direct from ‘start up’ to becoming the first Fair Trade national brand. He built his own manufacturing company exporting worldwide. Ian’s broad experience brings valuable skills to the Trust.

John Newton (Chairman)

John Newton is a member of both Hanley Tennis Club (for whom he is one of their Trustees) and Highgate Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club (for whom he was the Chairman from 2000 to 2004). He began playing tennis on the Highgate Wood School Courts in the 1980s and has played tennis on the Cot for over 30 years. He is dedicated to serving Cot members to ensure that the Fields remain a safe and beautiful environment for tennis and cricket players of all ages and abilities from our diverse local community.

Richard Tusting

Richard is the Honorary Secretary of the Trustees. He is originally from East Anglia but has lived in North London since 1998. He is a keen tennis player and a longstanding member of Highgate Tennis and Cricket Club where he was Club Chair from 2014-17. Richard is keen to champion accessibility and inclusivity on the Cot to ensure that sport is open to all and has contributed to his own club’s initiatives to promote and enable wheelchair and blind tennis.

Richard works as a Transport Planner with an interest in sustainable transport such as walking and cycling as part of the healthier lifestyles and carbon reduction agenda. He brings these skills to the trust team and prior to becoming a trustee was heavily involved in the work of the Trust development group.

Steven Reynolds (Secretary)

Steve is a tennis player, made a Life Member of Highgate CLTC for his work in creating the School Courts with Highgate Wood School. He was one of the first of Highgate’s parent Members to help promote successful Junior and performance tennis. He is a staunch defender of cricket and the importance of Members’ rights in connection with the responsible, democratic management of Clubs’ land. The founding Senior Partner of City law firm Reynolds Colman Bradley LLP (www.rcbllp.com). Steve can be contacted on 0795 718 6597 and Sreynaldo26@aol.com

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