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About the Trust

The Shepherds Cot Trust (SCT) is an area of land held in trust situated in the centre of London N8.

Given over exclusively to sports and recreational activities it is the home of a number of Cricket and Tennis Clubs. These include member clubs Hanley Tennis Club, Highgate Cricket and Tennis Club and North London Cricket Club – as well as Georgians Tennis Club for which the Shepherds Cot Trust is landlord.

The SCT land is managed by a team of volunteer trustees who are drawn from the member clubs. The trustees meet regularly to deal with immediate and ongoing maintenance, financial and other issues with respect to the land.

But the trustees also have an eye to the future. They play a key role in ensuring that this unique and valuable local resource is protected and preserved for future generations.

The Trustees and the member clubs have adopted the following Charter:



    The Trustees will act to fulfil the objectives as set down in the Mission Statement of March 2016 (Appendix 1)
    All SCT Beneficiary Clubs will operate a policy that supports diversity and social inclusivity and set subscription and membership fees open to the whole community
    All SCT Beneficiary Clubs will be Member Clubs supported by constitutions of governing rules that prescribe processes for the election of Club cfficers and the management of the Clubs
    All SCT Beneficiary Clubs will maintain an independent identity and adopt a collaborative approach to sharing resources for the wider good of the SCT
    All SCT Beneficiary Clubs will work to ensure the fostering of positive and collaborative relationships with the wider local community and immediate neighbours
    All SCT Beneficiary Clubs will support the aims of the SCT with respect to the preservation and protection of the SCT and its environs


Appendix 1

Shepherds Cot

The Trustees’ Mission statement


To care for and improve the Cot in the best interest of our Beneficiary Clubs and their members whilst preserving its green and peaceful character

 Near term objectives

  1. Facilitate increased collaboration between Beneficiary Clubs so that they work together to build their activities and membership in a way that will make best use of the Cot as a whole
  2. Complete and reach agreement with Beneficiary Clubs on a 10 year development programme for the Cot
  3. Improve security on the Cot where feasible pending major improvements envisaged in the 10 year development programme
  4. Establish a preventative maintenance/repair programme for all services managed by the Trust
  5. Foster and develop relationships with the Cot’s neighbours for mutual benefit

Medium term objectives

  1. Work with Beneficiary Clubs to implement initial development programme stage
  2. Implement outreach programmes with Beneficiary Clubs to grow membership, encourage diversity/social inclusion and widen local awareness of the Cot, its facilities and its people and ensure that we have their support for and participation in its development


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